2010 androkteinos 3000 ml hudson vineyards - The Scholium Project
2010 androkteinos 3000 ml hudson vineyards
We harvested our Syrah from Hudson relatively early for us-- long before Halloween-- under excellent conditions. The fruit was much less affected by rain than in 2009 and experienced none of the terror inspired by rot in 2011. Yet the wine is not clean, not straightforward. The fermentations were so rank of horse-stable that the interns feared for the wine. I iahve no idea what lurked in the fruit-- but we had no doubt once the fermentations finished. This was the best Hudson Syrah that we had ever made. Good, even very good for its intensity and balance, certainly-- but best for its animal strangeness. The wine seems not just medieval but Arthurian. It speaks of witches (as did Iseult, also made from Hudson Syrah) but does not dwell among the robes and jewels of Princesses. It is rather from the world of caves, feral beasts lurking within them, and the domesticated but sweaty horse. It is only beginning to open up and show itself; many years lie in front of it. If you would like to receive this wine on 12/24, you must place your order before 9 am on 12/19, and you must select "2-day Air" during checkout. If you do this, we will split the estimated $60 cost of 2-day shipping with you and guarantee that the wine arrives by 12/24. If you live in California, place your order by 9 am on 12/20 and check "ground" and will still guarantee delivery by 12/24 at no extra cost.